CALM TALK 072 | Development of Carbon-fibre Composites and Multifunctional Coating Technologies for Industrial Applications


主题:   Development of Carbon-fibre Composites and Multifunctional Coating Technologies for Industrial Appli主讲人:   Xiaoqing Zhang地点:   先进低维材料中心学术交流室(2号学院楼西2632室)时间:   2018-05-14 10:00:00组织单位:   先进低维材料中心

报告人简介:Dr Xiaoqing Zhang is a Senior Principal Research Scientist and Team Leader for Composites at CSIRO Manufacturing. His expertise is in the field of polymer science and materials, including polymer surface/interface modification, multifunctional polymer coatings, resin chemistry, carbon-fibre composites, nano-composites and bio-based polymers and processing. Within 20 years working at CSIRO, he has been taking on several emerging and challenging responsibilities at CSIRO, leading both fundamental and commercial R&D in various areas and achieved success in transferring fundamental research outcomes into industrial technologies adopted by Australian and global industries. He is also supervising PhD students at University of Melbourne, has a good publication track record in leading peer-reviewed polymer and material science journals. He awarded Newton Turner Award -career award for exceptional senior CSIRO scientists in May 2013. 

报告摘要:The strong growing demand of carbon fibre composites materials globally is driven primarily by the need to reduce energy consumption through production of light-weight materials. In conjunction with great effort towards further development of advanced carbon fibre with superior properties, continuous research is also conducted in new development of polymer resins which acting as a binder and matrix of the composites and playing a key role in composites production and overall material properties. Through close engagement with industries globally, CSIRO is currently investigating new composites resin and multifunctional coating technologies to correlate the chemistry with a broad range of material performance/properties and develop industrial applications. This presentation highlights CSIRO’s resent R&D progress in the area and showcases their potential in industrial applications.



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